Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WIPs Wednesday

What do you do when you have a number of projects to finish and not enough time to get to them all? That's right, go shopping. I drove up to Woolstock and spoke with the lovely Leslye Solomon. She confirmed my estimate of how much yarn I needed for my next sweater and helped pick it out. Eight balls blue, one gold. The gauge swatch is already underway.

The first game is 3:30 this Saturday against Marshall. I will be cheering on the Mountaineers whilst waving the pointy sticks!

The pink toe-up socks have been worked up to the start of the heels and I'm going to throw in lifelines and try out the magic loop method to finish them using my new 40" size 1 Addi circular needle from Woolstock.

Knit with the SB US 1 dpns (left sock "on hold" on another set). Destined to "sorta match" since one ball has darker areas than the other; I hadn't noticed that in the store. And the right sock looks like I must have knit the toe more tightly. May have to fix that.

I worked on the Cotton Fleece sweater last night and managed to get the front and back done. The short-rowed shoulders and deep V-neck were made much easier by entering the numbers into Excel, one column each for armhole, neck and shoulder shaping.


The Kiri shawl is done and awaiting blocking.

The other projects are on hold for now. And I still have to buy a pattern and fabric before Saturday's class on sewing skirts. Sometimes I wish there were a few more hours in a day. Or at least that I could manage to stay awake past 10 pm most nights!

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