Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Which Karen Discovers a Very Bad Thing and Tries to Be Brave

So I've been working away madly on:

* The Kiri shawl - Chart 3 is really kicking my butt, probably for no better reason than I've been working on it later in the evening the past few nights. I guess it's true: friends don't let friends knit after 10:00.

* The jumper – During last Saturday's class our instructor showed me how to alter the pattern for a better fit. This last class I finished most of the sewing and tried it on. The jumper actually fits. Who woulda thunk? It just needs armhole facings, hemming, a good press and it's done!

* The pink Merino socks have been ripped and tinked and ripped and tinked and I think I may finally have a decent start to a toe-up sock. Maybe.

The next part of the tale is difficult to relate.

This is 8 ounces of the NZ roving in singles on the lazy kate, ready for plying.

Left hand separating and controlling the plies:

Right hand controlling the twist and winding on to the bobbin:

The bobbin fills up quickly...

... and is finished.

I start cleaning things up for the evening and when I lift the wheel to move it back to its place I see this:

My poor Schacht! What have I done?!

Brian assures me that it will be alright. He says the wood is dry and that years of no use and no oiling caused the piece to chip off. It's nothing a little wood glue can't fix.

He is very calm. I am not.

I am off to fondle my latest Ebay delivery.

A little fiber therapy never hurts.

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