Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Socktoberfest ist Wunderbar!

AKA, The Long-Assed Post


...became these, my first pair of Socktoberfest socks:


Pattern: Sock pattern by Nancy Bush for Renaissance Yarns.

Mods: Kitchenered toes

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Magico, 80% wool, 20% polyamide

Needles: US 1 bamboo DPNs

Comments: A fun knit. The yarn thickness varied a bit with the different color sections, but not too badly. I'm pleased with the results and love those colors!

The Magic Stripes (aka Frankenstein Socks):

Pattern: Too many to remember. Pretty much ended up with the Easy Toe as explained by Wendy Johnson and her short row heel from her Toe-Up Sock Pattern.

Mods: Ha! See below.

Yarn: Lion Magic Stripes in Sea Blue

Needles: Clover US 1, bind off with Crystal Palace US 3 bamboo DPNs

Comments: I ripped and tinked these babies more times than I can count. A great learning experience. With all that was done to make the socks I can confidently recommend the yarn - Magic Stripes can in fact hold up to quite a lot of abuse. I ended up using a part of one pattern, part of another, etc. , thus the Frankenstein designation.

Roughly, my progress was:

  • Started out as cuff-down with heel flap ala Nancy Bush

  • Tried short-row toes

  • Tried easy toes

  • Tried an adaptation of the Strong heel by Lauri Bolland (note: original by Gerdine Strong, Knitter's K72, Fall 2003). Ripped them out because I was confused on the upside down heel turn (have since been reassured after reading Charlene Schurch). And I'm not the only one freaked out by the upside down heel turn (see Cara Davis).

  • Tried short-row heel

  • Tried the "forethought heel"

  • Tried a peasant heel (same as Elizabeth Zimmerman's afterthought heel, but with scrap yarn rather than snipping at the spot you intend to work the heel)

  • Back to the Strong heel, this time knitting along with Nomis Heel and Toe Yarn to reinforce the heel stitches. Didn't like the result - shiny shiny heels!

  • Tried short-row heels again. This time it took. I decided that the secret to them is getting the tension right on the wraps, something I'll have to practice.

Last but not least, Claudia Hand Painted:

Pattern: Broadripple Socks from Knitty.

Mods: Knit toe up, changed the purl rounds to knit (not a fan of any form of garter stitch), and used eye of partridge instead of heel stitch on heels.

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Sport in Stormy Day

Needles: Clover US 2, bind off with Crystal Palace US 3 bamboo DPNs

Comments: I love the way these turned out, from beginning...

... to end:

I thoroughly enjoyed Socktoberfest, and many thanks to Lolly!

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