Saturday, January 27, 2007


What do you get when you rip a thrift store sweater to recycle the yarn?

You get 8 ounces of fingering weight yarn:

You get an ounce or so of scraps:

And you get fluff. A lot of fluff. All over everything. 55% silk, 30% nylon and 15% angora, courtesy of American Knitworks.

Made in Korea, of course.

Not very fluffy but unlike the yarn above, all American:

Our (mostly) outdoor cat Bandit.

I've been busy spinning from the stash. After the Kool Aid yarn (which is soaking in the washer right now), I spun up a dark rainbow batt from Clear Water Dye Company, bought years ago at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It was full of VM and neps, as was another batt I finished this week that I bought last year. In purples/white/blues, very pretty but not much fun to spin.


I'm really going to have to LOOK more carefully at the fiber I buy and not just fall in love with the color or softness. Last week I threw out bagsful of batts from the same fleece that I'd used to make the yarn for B's sweater. I wish I hadn't because a day after I threw it out I thought of several ways to salvage it. C’est la vie I suppose. I'm going to dig out a bag of roving this afternoon (same source as the purples/white/blues batt) and have a go at it.

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Judy said...

My kids were walking by and saw the picture of your cat. They thought it was ours. Then I went on to read the cat's name. We have a cat that looks the same and is named Bandit. My daughter got it for us a year ago Christmas. We called her Bandit because she stole our hearts.